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A loving family scene is shown with two beautiful leafy sea dragons entwined above their young still to be born. Beyond them lies their home, a wreck to some, but to them a safe haven in the stormy seas of life, which protects them from outside dangers. Their habitat is teeming with life, showing us that their home is as bountiful as their lives. The light from the sun above streams down onto the scene, blessing it with divine light. Ten cups lie strewn on the floor, treasure spilt from their home.

This card illustrates “happily ever after”. You have faced all the trials, your poor emotions have withstood everything that has been thrown at them, and now is time for joy. You feel at peace with yourself, secure in your relationships, all is right with the world.

I used two leafy sea dragons to represent the happy couple and two eggs take the place of children. A sunken treasure ship becomes the home in the background with its abundant kelp forest around it. A lively run of bluefin tuna take the place of a river. The dragon on top arches gracefully over the scene while the streaming light from above glints off the scales in a rainbow of colors. The dragons’ placement hints at an eternity symbol for unending familial love.

I have scattered ten cups around the nesting area to represent the wealth of a happy home, all upright or at upright angles so that they can catch and hold all of the blessings that a happy home brings.


This is a limited edition signed and numbered print.

10 of Cups: Nautical Tarot LE Print

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • The prints are unframed and printed on heavy duty, archival watercolor paper with a white border. Each one is hand signed on the back. This is a limited edition print that is also signed and numbered on the front.


  • If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact me. I will do what I can to make your experience with my work a happy one. 

    Shipping charges are separate from the price of the artwork and will vary depending on the size. If you live within the Denver, CO area it can be arranged to have the artwork picked up or delivered.

    Commissions for original works require a 50% non refundable deposit before work can begin. I will send you a rough draft and several in progress shots to make sure the painting is coming out as desired. When the commission is complete I will send you a picture of the artwork. If anything does not not meet with your approval I will alter it at no additional cost. This does not include major changes that were already agreed upon. What constitutes as a major change lies solely in the opinion of me, the artist. Once the final is complete the remaining 50% balance must be paid in full before delivery of the artwork will take place.

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