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  • Can I use your art for my project/business/event?
    I am open to licensing out my images. Please contact me with details and I will respond with the applicable fees. Please do not use my work without my permission. If you want any of my work to use as a tattoo for yourself then I am ok with that as long as you send me a picture of the finished ink. If you see my work on products outside of this site please let me know!
  • Are you a real person?
    Yes, I am. I know this seems like an odd question, but I can understand it. I am a real individual and I painted everything on this site. I am the sole proprietor of Art by Anastasia with no other assistants or employees.
  • Can you paint me?
    I can paint for you. I do take commissions, you can contact me using the contact link. I will paint almost anything but I am not a portrait artist, except for pet portraits.
  • Did you paint all of these?
    Yes. Everything on this site is created by myself. I am also the photographer behind all of the pictures.
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